With so much history it is sometimes easy to forget how much has happened over time. So to help us remember and to give you an idea of our roots we've put together our timeline for you to explore.

Our time line leads you through our father’s journey from Lahore to Whitechapel, starting in 1972 up to the present day. Undoubtedly this is the most important part of our heritage.

With memories and photos from all around our restaurant we wanted to keep this for the future and record the moments that have made this restaurant truly exceptional. Explore the people who have been here, the reviews we have had, and the awards we have received for our work on our "Wall of Fame".

Our Gallery section showcases our restaurant in all its glory, giving you a glipse of our team of chefs hard at work and an opportunity to view our new upstairs seating area.

Travel back in time to discover our humble beginnings

Who's been here?
& what's been said?

Explore our restaurant through the eyes of a lens

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